Indian Ethnic Look With Aurelia and W for Woman


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My Experience With W and Aurelia!!

I was recently sent this Aurelia Kurta by team W for Woman, the very popular Indian brand for Indian Ethnic clothing and accessories for girls. I came to know by them that "Aurelia" is a sister brand of W. Did you know that?

Indian Ethnic Look With Aurelia and W for Woman 

 When I received this kurta, I was less than excited because this is not the color, print or make I'd choose. Why? because I'd have thought it won't look good on me or I may not work it. But I had to, after all it was sent by the team with love. :)

 Despite of my wandering thoughts about this kurta not working on me at all, I was so happy to see that it worked with almost all kind of leggings because it has so many colors in it. But my choice was a coral-y pink legging that just works perfectly whit this blue/ green Aurelia beauty and also goes with my other kurtas. By the way this legging is by W and I recently bought it!!

Indian Ethnic Look With Aurelia and W for Woman

I own only two kurtas by Aurelia and one of them is this one. They are worn so many times, washed and ironed and worn again; and this is what I found out-

1. The fabric Aurelia/W use is always light weight and made of fine thread. That means they will feel so delicate and thin that you might feel that it would wear out very easily, and quickly. But that is never the case! Whatsoever! One day I'll show a W kurta that I bought almost 7 years back at Shoppers Stop, Andrews Ganj, New Delhi that still looks the same. The only thing changed is that I can't fit into it any more

2. W/Aurelia Kurtas will seem to be expensive, but I can bet, you won't find the print, the make and the details anywhere else. You might find worse or better of what you have in W/Aurelia. But not the one you see here.

3. Take my word for the quality, you are getting what you are paying for.

4. The print, color palette and stitch are modern-traditional. It means, you are looking at an Indian Kurta but the color palette, stitch or print is not so traditional. The hem might be a little curved, color seems to be blue but it is actually cyan that gives it a modern outlook. You know what I mean? Print might look "Bandhni" from far but when you take a closer look, it is actually aztec... something like this. Just take a closer look of what I am wearing.

5. Or you are looking at modern palazzos made of a fabric which looks and feel Indian in terms of fabric and print.

In short, the only downside of W/Aurelia clothing is that they might feel expensive, (I used to feel the same when I had not explored the store/clothesso much).

Indian Ethnic Look With Aurelia and W for Woman

So, when you plan to buy Indian Traditional wears in a store or on line, definitely check out W.

I bought a few things from W that I will be showing in next posts. Until then...

lots of love, Jiya.

P.S. My friends ask me if a certain product really worked or I really liked something because it was sent by a brand or PR. I understand their concern! But my reviews and posts are genuine, I don't like to rip apart brands, PRs, products or people, so when you'd read my reviews, you'd know that I mention my dislikes in terms of feedback. For instance, in this review there is one thing that pinched me a little was the price, but after I explored, wore and experienced I found out why it is. :)

Happy Shopping!

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