9 Trusted Websites for Disposable Diapers in India


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Being a parent means you can not sit and dream of things getting done on their own or by someone else (it doesn't work when you are thinking of yourself too) because "to nurture" is your duty. Being a parent means give more than 100% of your efforts in whatever you have:

1-  The physical and mental strength
2- Money.

Other things are covered in between. When it comes to physical and mental strength, I cannot judge or talk about every parent in the world. BUT money? It is as much yours as it is mine, you want to save as much as I want to save mine, you are constantly looking for saving some money on kids shopping, so am I!

Everything that you spend on is an investment and everybody ought to make that investment carefully! I am not one of those who have a special eye for saving. I save wherever I can because in my honest opinion, "trying" to save everywhere makes a person MISER.

You are not supposed to save everywhere. But "save" wherever you can without feeling guilty either on spending or saving.

-Jiya Saklani
I just made that quote and I truly, deeply believe in. 

And if I go on monthly expenses on kids, I would say

Nobody teaches you early to invest on the child you don't have OR might have in next 5 years. This investment is for things that helps you grow your kid after being born up to the age she will study or get married.

And this investment pretty much includes everything, including "Diapers". 

In older days, mothers used cloth diapers (some use them now too!) which are absolutely perfect for babies bums and health but absolutely tiring and time taking for mothers. So, a great soul invented disposable diapers which has taken over lives of all mothers in the world who can "of-course" afford diapers. Trust me, you are saved if you CANNOT or do not WANT to!

Winters is one season when your kid will pee like a leaking water-pipe. It means the diaper which she used to wet in 4 hours (6 diapers / day) is now wet in an hour or so. But now you need at least 2 diapers in 4 hours (if you are very careful of wet diapers and keep checking) that makes it 12 diapers in a day. This count is not accurate and may vary from one baby to another as well as I am not including the count when baby might poop. In my case I finish 30 pack of Huggies Diapers (Large) in less than a week. 

My husband is very careful on spending money on anything that we may consume in bulk or more than 1 pack. So he is always comparing the prices of Huggies Diapers of one store with another. More, Big Bazaar, Local grocery stores, Reliance Fresh, chemists etc are a few names that sell kids products and were compared by us. This comparison led me to this post which is nothing but comparison of Huggies diapers of one online store with another. While shopping online, only 2 stores are not enough, so I compared nine websites for kids products in India that I trust in with best of my knowledge.

Price Of "Huggies Dry" Large Diapers on Top 9 Websites* For Kids in India**

Amazon.in - Rs.575 for  56 Diapers
Babyoye -  Huggies Dry Large Diapers "Not Available"
Babeez World - Rs. 325 for 30 Diapers
Baby Hugz - Huggies Dry Large Diapers "Not Available"
First Cry - Rs. 607 for 56 Diapers
Flipkart - Rs. 587 for 56 Diapers
Healthkart - Huggies Dry Large Diapers "Not Available"
Mom and Me Shop - Rs. 380 for 30 Diapers
Snapdeal - Rs.399 for 30 Diapers

*The list is mainly curated for only those websites that (also) sell disposable diapers and are based on my search for Huggies Diapers.

** Websites I chose are based on my knowledge and experience - 1.) I have either shopped from that websites OR 2.) Website seems to be genuine by its fonts, website layout, product pictures etc. I learned a few tips on websites while working for reader's Digest and email delivery strategies, ESP blocks etc.

From A Buyer's Perspective

If asked, I would recommend Firstcry, Flipkart and Amazon.in which I really trust for their shipping, delivery and customer services.

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