Men Need Handbags That Don't Look Like Their Girlfriend's !


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Ermenegildo Zegna AW 2014 Handbags For Men


The pictures of handbags below were acting low in my inbox, but I couldn't resist sharing them. They are EZ's AW2014 collection and were showcased at Harrods, London in a window project. They are gorgeous, must-haves and utterly manly. I am just doing my part to show my dear men readers that they can also carry around their stuff in a handbag without any doubts and looking extremely handsome!

There are a lot of guys want to carry bags to keep their stuff and carry along. My husband always cribs about his heavy pockets because of keys, wallet, coins, handkerchief, some cards etc. and here is a question that was popped on Yahoo Answers!

Why can't men have handbags without looking gay?I hate having to shove my phone, keys, wallet, tissues etc.. into my pocket Why can't men have handbags without looking gay, it would be so much easier...?

 The point is if you are also wondering, wanting and planning to buy, carry and display handbags, don't hesitate. Men around the world are doing it and you can do too!!

A Scoop Of This Post 

1. About EZ
2. Men's Fashion Clothing Websites
3. Market stats of Men's handbags
4. So, you carry a bag. See what it tells others about you!
5. What do I think about men carrying a handbag?

 Ermenegildo Zegna AW 2014 Handbags For Men 
DO YOU KNOW? Ermenegildo-Zegna

According to market research firm NPD group, the sales of handbags and totes for men has risen three per cent in the past year, making it a $957million industry.

Ermenegildo Zegna AW 2014 Handbags For Men

What your man-bag tells about you -

Heritage rucksack - heritage hipster; new media luvvy.
Designer sci-fi rucksack - fashion assistant trustafarian; ageing Soho ad-man.
Executive rucksack - suburban commuter; gym bunny. 
Modern executive briefcase - Mr Organised; Mr Crashing-Bore.
Attache -  traditionalist; potential raving sexist.
Messenger bag - action man; dangerous cyclist.
Tote - book publishing executive. 
Man clutch - light packer; creative midfielder.
Designer fashion carrier bag - Middle Eastern playboy.
Waitrose bag - foodie; recycler. 
Tesco bag -  ironist; cheapskate.
Girlfriend's bag - hen-pecked wimp; faithful partner.      
 - As read on

My Take on Men With Bags

Before I say anything about what I think of men carrying a handbag, I'd like to make it clear that "gay" is not a derogatory term to define a man. Gay is community made of flesh and bones like men, women, boys, girls etc are made. We all know, right? When somebody says "I don't want t look like a gay" gay community should not feel bad because certain people do not like them to be seen like a "certain" type of people. You know what I mean! A very strong example is - a lot of young girls choose their perfumes carefully so they don't smell like an old lady.  Here "old lady" is not a bad reference because they are young and they don't want to smell like old. It is just a "reference" of what they don't want to be seen like because they are different.

Coming to men and gays carrying handbags.  In New Delhi, I have seen a lot of gays who carry a sling bag across their shoulder but it doesn't mean a straight man can not carry that. Both can carry the same sling bag and look totally different unless they have created a mental block which is influencing their personality. So my point is you can 100% rock a bag without "not-looking-like-a-man" doubt!!

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Ermenegildo Zegna AW 2014 Handbags For Men

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