5 Pimple Related Facts in My Beauty Book Turned Out To Be Myths!


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A growing teenage girl is taught a lot about pimples, not popping them and following a beauty regimen on daily basis because no pimples, no marks. I am no different from those growing girls. What might be different is what I learned about pimples and its myths that all girls should know too.

Myth#1 Pimples are only for teenage girls!
Pimples are only for teenage girls!

When I was growing up, I had pimples on my face quite a lot. My biggest problem - I used to pop the zits, they left mark or pits on my face. I was into sports and not too regular with my beauty regimen but pimples used to affect me a lot. They almost felt like parasites. I used to complain too much that my mother got habitual of saying "Pimples are just the matter of teenage" WHICH WAS NOT TRUE. Because I still get them and they leave scars, so pimples come in your 30s too. They are mostly in the creases around my nose, on the bridge of nose and on cheeks.

Myth#2 Pimples are mostly caused by greasy weather and oily skin.

Pimples are due to greasy weather and oily skin.

I have super sensitive skin. Sensitive skin-types are oily but they could be super drying too and chilly weather adds to this. Both conditions exasperate pimples for me. It could be because of dryness, lack of perspiration and because of knitted clothes I wear. Plus they hit me during "that" time of the month.

Myth#3 Makeup, thick creams and moisturizers are also biggest culprits in causing pimples.

Only makeup, thick creams and moisturizers can cause pimples.
I don't use makeup too often, I don't wear thick creams/moisturizers. Even then I suffer. The only reason behind this could be the other skincare product(s) I am using is not right for me because of certain ingredients. For example, products with grape extracts do not suit me.

Myth#4 If you drink lots of water, pimples go away!

If you drink lots of water, pimples go away!
I drink more than the rule of "8-glasses-of-water-daily" daily. No it hasn't helped me at all. Though I want to make myself believe that water at least make them appear less frequently. What could have happened if my body couldn't complete the need of water!

Myth#5 Pimples makes us sad when they are on face because they show.

imples are only hurting for the go when they are on face.

At least, this is what we are shown and told everywhere. I respectfully disagree. Cameron Diaz gets pimples on her butt. and it can be equally hurting! Do not agree? see her Charlies Angels series and numbers of butt-scenes... Pimples also grow on other areas too like elbow, thighs, back and chest.

Common Problems I Have With Pimples and Vice Versa

1. They leave marks because I pop them sometimes as they are itchy and red.

2. I don't wear heavy makeup quite often hence hiding them is the problem.

3. I have habit of touching pimples and it aggravates them.

What Has Been More Effective In Treating Pimples?

1. One thing that has the capability of slowing down pimples is washing the face every morning and night, at least. Three face washes I tried under Rs.100 that claim to vanish zits.

2. Topical Treatments and I still miss this baby which was effective like a magic. A roll-on that zapped the pimples right away!

3. To some extent, an ubtan made of gram flour, curd and turmeric. An old Indian remedy for treating oily/sensitive skin.

From A Buyer's Perspective

Let me be clear, these myths are totally based on my personal experience, and so are other points, But people around me affected by pimples/acne have experienced the same. If you ever plan to try out anything, use your own discretion. Shop away if you are in the same boat as I am! 

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