Indian Mum and Baby Blog # 3 | A Series of My Baby Girl's Outfits ( 4 months to 15 months)


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 Indian Mum and Baby Blog # 3 | A Series of Outfit Of My Baby Girl( 4 months to 15 months)

 Outfit # 1

Quilted Jacket  - Vaishali, Ghaziabad Local Market
Jeans with Rose Print - MAX Fashions (Posted about it here)
Golden Glitter Shoes - Child Junction, Vasundhara
Hair Pin - MAX Fashions

I really didn't now that kids grow so fast. My daughter has surprised me in many ways and one of that has to be how fast she grows. Here I show you 7 pictures of her outfits that I really loved. In some, she is all dressed up, so in some pictures she is just chilling. From this post I wanted to make it clear that kids grow really fast so spend on their clothes wisely. Choose stylish and comfortable clothes without spending too much!

Outfit #2

Rompers and Socks - Buzzy (firstcry)

 Buzzy has to be one of the most affordable kids brands available in India that furnishes quality fabrics, extremely delicate yet easy to maintain. This is what I have concluded so far after using a few Buzzy items like this romper and socks. I bought these socks when Reet turned 5 months and she is still using them.No lint, no fading whatsoever.


Pink Separates - Reliance Trends (Kids)

I bought these separates for Rs.75 each and I think it was quite a good deal. These are cotton and really comfortable for kids skin. I really love the tiger print on the vest. You can also find these separates in baskets of kids-section. Very affordable and very economical for kids at-home outfits.

Outfit# 4

 Hoodie and Quilted Trousers - Sarojini Nagar
Socks - MAX Fashions

Outfit# 5

 Hoodie and Quilted Trousers - Sarojini Nagar
Shoes - Child Junction, Vasundhara

Outfit# 6 

Polka Dot Frock - Gifted
Flower Hair Band - Emma Jane (Elitify)

These hair bands are everything for me! I love them on my baby and people love these bands so much. This is not it though! These hair bands are so delicate that you would not find any other hairbands available for baby kids delicate. I just don't feel  buying any other hairbands at all until I find my kid atleast 3 years old so her head and hair both are stronger, and she can speak up if her hair bands hurt. You must try out these hair bands whenever you get a chance!

Outfit # 7

Polka Dot Separates - Westside
Hair Band - Emma Jane (Elitify)
Socks - Buzzy

For the shopaholic in You

Which outfit you like the most? Is there any affordable brand/store that you would suggest Indian mothers for their kids?



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