Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Sunscreen Matte Gel With SPF50 UVB and PA+++ UVA


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Lotus Herbals  Safe Sun UV Sunscreen Matte Gel With SPF50 UVB and PA+++ UVA

Lotus Herbals  Safe Sun UV Sunscreen Matte Gel With SPF50 UVB and PA+++ UVA

Lotus Herbals  Safe Sun UV Sunscreen Matte Gel With SPF50 UVB and PA+++ UVA`

Ever since I knew that it's the sunscreen we should wear every day without faltering, I forgot every other thing, including my daughter who is still a toddler. But, wait!! she is like a diva, and she gets my attention all the time, so I would exclude her. And when I started using sunscreen, I wasn't even married. What I really want to say is sunscreen has become and integral part of my "getting-anxiety" routine. I slack and I skip! When I skip, I can't stop thinking about it like an overly possessive girl-friend can't stop thinking about her boyfriend. So, I have also made it an important product of my skincare routine.

But experimenting with sunscreen is less-easy (read difficult) than it seems. Too thick, too greasy, clog pores, causes break-outs, smells like your hand is just an inch away from blocking the nose and what not. I am not saying market might not already be filled with  all types of sunscreens. What I am saying is diving deep in the lot and coming out with one perfect sunscreen that makes you feel like your skin-wants-to-marry-this-sexy-thang is tiny-bit difficult.


Sprinkle rose petas please - It is Lotus Herbals  Safe Sun UV Sunscreen Matte Gel With SPF50 UVB and PA+++ UVA

Review of Lotus Herbals  Safe Sun UV Sunscreen Matte Gel With SPF50 UVB and PA+++ UVA is long due, since last year!! And finally I made it!!

 Is Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Matte Gel is for all skin types?

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Is it an ideal sunscreen for our skin?
Yes! an ideal sunscreen protects us from UVA (they are dancing hip-hop on our skin even during cloudy days, penetrate deeper than UVB and invite ageing for a party!) and UVB (babe! I cause sunburn on your ass.) It contains SPF (Sunburn Protection).

If your skin would normally burn after 10 minutes in the summer midday sun, for example, wearing a thick layer of an SPF 15 sunscreen would theoretically allow you to stay in the sun for 150 minutes (10 x 15) without burning. That’s only a rough estimate.

 So, Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Matte Gel comes with SPF50 and PA+++. PA grades define the protection a sunscreenw il provide against UVA rays.

Asian brands, particularly Japanese ones, tend to use The Protection Grade of UVA (PA) system to measure the UVA protection that a sunscreen provides. The PA system is based on the PPD reaction and is now widely adopted on the labels of sunscreens. According to the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association, PA+ corresponds to a UVA protection factor between two and four, PA++ between four and eight, and PA+++ more than eight.

 Ingredients of Safe Sun Matte Gel?
Comfrey (Symphytum Officinale), Sebum Control Vanilla (Vanila Plamifolia), Soothing Horse Chestnut (Trapa Bispinosa), UV Protector

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 Why do I like it so much?
This is almost-a fragrance-free gel based sunscreen that smells a tad bit in the beginning, soaks on skin leaving it matte and doesn't make me sweat like I just ploughed a field with my hands. It has never caused zits on my face and doesn't clog pores causing black-heads.

Is it safe for kids?
Yes! Kids need more protection against sunscreen and higher SPF and PA. However, Pediatrics recommends that you avoid using sunscreens on children younger than six months unless you can’t find protective shade and clothing. (EWG)

Can men apply this sunscreen?
Yes, without a doubt! It won't make them, their stubble and beard greasy, it won't make them smell like the are coming out a girl's skincare cabinet and it won't make them "fair" and lovely with a layer of fairness!! They are all good with it.

To Buy Or Not To Buy
Buy right now!

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That's all from me! Love & Light

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