Lightweight, Metal Sheet Brazier/Angithi Bought This Winter


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Lightweight, Iron Brazier/Angithi Bought This Winter

Lightweight, Iron Brazier/Angithi Bought This Winter

Lightweight, Iron Brazier/Angithi Bought This Winter
For this new year, I was planning to stay at home with family, get cozy, watch TV and grill some food. We have an electric Tandoor but I was not in mood to take out this huge thing and decided to buy a compact Angithi that would let us enjoy smoked tikkas and keep house warm. I didn't know until out in the market that it was selling like hot cake yet to inexpensive.

Where did I buy?
Sector 17, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad

What is it made of?
Wire and Metal Sheet with cookin grid made of iron rods. It is supported by the legs attached to the body.

How much did it cost?
Selling for: Rs.700, Sold for Rs. 500

Does it keep house warm?
Yes very much. But also make house full of smoke. est is you try to burn the coal outside in the balcony or terrace and then bring it inside.

Rate on ease of cooking on a scale of 1-10.

It is a simple rectangular brazier made of 2 compartments - one on the top for the charcoal and a chamber at the bottom for burning woods, papers etc.. We used egg crates and paper to start the fire. It has no lid, but the bottom compartment has little door to place woods and coals inside. (This is my version of understanding the make)

We used wood charcoals instead of rock coals and I must confess that I should have used rock ones which would have run for longer time. Apart from charcoals, we alo bought wood scrapes and left over woods from a furniture market for as inexpensive as Rs.12/ kg.

Now, as I write this post, I am realizing that instead of grilling like this (as shown in pictures), I should have used coals in the lower chamber  and placed the chicken and paneer grill-sticks on top grills. It wouldn't have burnt my chicken. *Face Palm*

I don't have much knowledge about brazier so I will let you know more of experience as I spend some time with it. For now it is sitting in our balcony and chillin' .

Please share your experience with brazier/angithi , price and how much do you rate it on ease to grill food.

See you guys tomorrow!

Kisses, Jiya

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