#ConfessionsofShoppingaholic - I Am Still Alive and Drinking In This Copper Jug and Glass Set!

Indian ArtVilla Copper Jug and Glass Set

Indian ArtVilla Copper Jug and Glass Set

First of all, I know it's "Shopaholic" and not shoppingaholic but this was the only name left to choose from and all types of "shopaholic" was taken at the time of registration. I wanted something that could relate to this "holic". See, Google made me do it!

Secondly, I am in my 30s and very much into keeping myself #FitandToned . And this made me choose #CopperUtensils . You must know that our body gets multiple health benefits if we store water in copper pitcher/jug and drink that water.

I am no expert in this so I have linked the best article that I read on internet about it. You read away!

I also learned a few things about buying copper - asked my mother and also Googled. A few things that I learned was-

  • Genuine copper utensil will be plain af*. Apparently to make designs and motifs on copper demands mixing other metals that we do not want if we aim to get benefits of copper for our body.
  • This is from my mum. She lifted the glass and said this is coper and no mixed metal because it is light. If a metal is mixed in copper, it gets really heavy. Okay. I did not do any research on this. I totally believe my mother!

I went by my instincts and selected Amazon to be the provider of my kitchen/health needs. (Read it with a little drama!) and my instincts told me #IndianArtVilla would be the right choice. Okay, a few good reviews on the product helped me too.

So, spent my money.

As always, Amazon seller does a good job in sending the product on time BUT

Jug had a dent. I didn't care much.

Since, then, I've been drinking water in the copper glass from copper jug. But the best thing is the copper-bottle which is a little heavy to carry around but helpful to keep my water intake regular.

A few points to be noted that I would like to tell ya'll after using the product:

  • Indian ArtVilla gives you a powder to wash the utensils. It did not help me make the product shiny like new.
  • Copper utensils get dirty, like, really dirty. Dirtier than #50ShadesofGrey. *CrinckledEyesandNose*
  • If you want to flaunt your copper-wares, ensure they are mixed with some metal so they remain shiny and new when you put some effort to do so.
  • You might commit suicide if you try to drink acidic beverages like vinegar, cold drink? :-/ I dunno. Let's remember 'acidic'. A bit exaggerated but copper reacts with acidic stuff and might become toxic.
I'd conclude by saying that I've made it to this day - all alive and breathing. I am not running around like a young horse after drinking copper-water but I am content that I have made a healthy choice and it is definitely doing good for me in some or the other way.

Cheers in a copper-glass to our healthy-selves!!

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