The Body Shop India #MultiTaskMaster Campaign Led Me To A Fact That is Common But Not Appealing

The Body Shop India recently started the campaign #MultiTaskMaster for their newly launched 5 face masks that vary from British Rose Fresh Plumping mask to Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow mask and 3 in between these.

Why I really wanted to write about this post is to let you guys know that we have also stepped in to the world of #MultiMasking that was started back in 2014-15 . You ask what is Multi Masking?

Multi-masking is slapping different types of masks (from hydrating to skin-tightening) on different areas depending on their needs on your face at the same time.

 But it led me to a fact that I have noticed on most of Indian websites - poor images. I have an evidence-

The Bodyshop UK ScreenShot of Multi-Masks
A Screenshot of The Bodyshop UK

The Bodyshop India Screenshot of Multi-Masks
The Bodyshop India

Do you see the difference? I see that, though, selecting the product brings-up a clear high definition image of the product.

Is it common for you too to notice poor image quality on Indian websites?

I have a suggestion to improve this - Please.Use.Good.Quality.Images

You are no me who can afford only her Samsung Galaxy S5 or Canon 600 for images. You are big-shot-brands and can do whatever you want. Okay, not whatever - because you are still dependent on us to buy your products. *Crap Pun*

On a different mood-changing note, here is my answer for this campaign that TBS started:

The Bodyshop India #MultiTaskMaster campaign asked how we accomplish different tasks after applying masks. Here ios what Indian Shopping Blog Shopping Style and Us answered.
TBS #MultiTaskMaster campaign and my answer!!

Although I don't write much about face-masks, I am a big fan of masking and I throw anything on my face that has a potential of giving nourishment to my skin. I don't mind if it's 'charcoal' or 'coal'.

But get the images appealing you guys! *Ugh*

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