#99Store | 10 Refreshing Home/Kitchen Products Under Rs.300

If you are looking for the bang-on buys to either decorate your home or kitchen then I think before you splurge, you should always checkout 99Store . Chances are you won't be dissatisfied. Also, items you will find there.0 won't skimp on style. So, check out my selections, go bold with modern picks from 99Store and make everyone's experience delightful in your house!!

 1. Champagne Flute in Bright Colours

#99Store | 10 Refreshing Home/Kitchen Products Under Rs.300
These champagne flutes in happy and summery colours  are sure to bring a smile on the lips. Either you use this to decorate a corner table, serve champagne/drink to your friends or just flaunt your jewellery in pictures by hanging (a blogger's idea of using anything) - these flutes will sure do the trick. I bought the yellow one for a post and if you follow me on Instagram (@shoppingstyleandus ) you will know what I am talking about. :) These glasses are #DishwasherSafe. Available Under Rs.150 at 99Store

2. Mason Jars in Skull Shape

#99Store | 10 Refreshing Home/Kitchen Products Under Rs.300
Did John Landis mason know that his jars invented for canning the food items will get a makeover by 21st century and become one of the coolest things in the hands? NOPE. NADA. But I am so happy that these cools jars have made it to India in a lot of varieties. These sparkling red mason jars are sure to catch eyes and beat hearts. Available under Rs.90 at 99Store.

3. Coloured Glass Bottles For Oil, Water or Table Decor

#99Store | 10 Refreshing Home/Kitchen Products Under Rs.300
Pretty to look and prettier to use. I am gradually stepping away from plastic which is not an easy thing to accomplish because plastic has taken over our lives. But I am always on the look out of using steel, copper or glass products to contain liquid specially oil. Although I did not purchase this, but I think I am going back to it because of not only that they are glass but also its medieval touch. Just dress-up your kitchenware with these bottles because they could prove safe and spill-free because their caps are secure with the ring. Available under Rs.120 at 99Store

4. Printed, Floral, Modern Coffee Mugs/Cups

#99Store | 10 Refreshing Home/Kitchen Products Under Rs.300
I am fond of tea (not coffee that much!) but I am more into coffee mugs. I have more than 6 or 7 of them and I still want to buy more. And why not! who would not like to start the day or end for that matter with a spark.  Either you choose the "lip/kiss" mug or the Florals or digital print - they all are pleasing to eyes and touch. Cheerfully insouciant!! Available under Rs. 60 to 110 at 99Store

5. Clear Plastic Airtight Containers

#99Store | 10 Refreshing Home/Kitchen Products Under Rs.300

These wide mouthed plastic containers with a plastic ring to make it airtight and clasps on the side to make the lid secure are just perfect for any kitchen. If you keep dropping things like me then they are must haves. I cannot write home about the plastic or anything else because I haven't used them yet, however, I might give them a try. Although for cereals and pulses and spices, I would still prefer glass or steel containers, but I am fine to store dry products in a plastic jar as they would not react with it. They are pretty enough to keep on the counter or store neatly in the cupboard. Either way they are just perfect to buy. Available under Rs. 250 at 99Store

6. Tea Lights in All Shape and Sizes

#99Store | 10 Refreshing Home/Kitchen Products Under Rs.300
Tea lights are the prettiest thing on earth to make a candle light more beautiful. Either you can DIY or you can use any of these from the  99Store. I have seen many DIY videos and I loved the ones they made using aluminium / iron cans by making little holes through a nail (see cheery red one!) and I almost squealed with happiness when i saw this. Do not miss the one that says H.O.P.E. or L.O.V.E.  or the round one. There were many more, but I could capture only these! Available under Rs.200 at 99Store

7. Terracotta Planters

#99Store | 10 Refreshing Home/Kitchen Products Under Rs.300
A must-have for all who have a green thumb. Not a wide range of pots, but they are definitely elegant, sturdy and durable. They make a great addition to a modern home. Although you can't see all in pictures, definitely check those one out, kept on floor, which are made of plastic and can be hung on the wall through nail. All Available under Rs..300 at 99Store

8. Japanese Style Ceramic tea Set

#99Store | 10 Refreshing Home/Kitchen Products Under Rs.300
Japanese tableware is inspired by colour indigo (most of the times). White background, indigo print of flower, a Japanese monk (spot if you can!) , factory flaws and enameled finish make this set really elegant and a great showpiece for your dining table. Available under Rs.300 on Sale.

9. 2 Tiered Floral Platter

#99Store | 10 Refreshing Home/Kitchen Products Under Rs.300
This ceramic 2 tiered serving platter with Chinese rose print. It's perfect to serve or showcase your jewellery on your dressing. This platter reminds me of some British house I saw in movies. Don't they have such pretty ceramics! Available under Rs.200 at 99 Store

10. Set of 6 Glass tea Lights  in Copper/Rosegold with Copper Tray

#99Store | 10 Refreshing Home/Kitchen Products Under Rs.300
You would be lying if you don't agree with me when I say that copper or rose gold add a touch of richness to anything whether it's your house or your outfit/accessories. I own this tea light set and I would say buy it right away when you visit 99Store next time and lucky enough to find it available. It's just beautiful and add a whimsy to the corner you keep it! This gilded beauty gives a subtle elegance without making it overwhelming. Mercury glass tea lights are an absolutely glamorous. The inside of it gives them a hint of "cool" and not perfect for only candles but a lot of other things. Available under Rs.300 at 99Store on sale.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it helped you spend your money something good, glamorous and modern. I assure you that these items are once-bought-forever-asked kind of!!

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