L'oreal Paris Got Me Covered!

L'Oreal Paris Now You Sea Me Nail Polish - Perfect for Summer
I have heard from many that shopping makes them feel so happy that they forget all the stress they have been through before the spree. And I bet, nothing is more liberating and better stress buster than finding that one thing which you found and bought after being haunted for not buying. In my case - no matter what newsletter, article, IG post I was digging there was a mention of this blue shade. Not particularly this but - the shade as in colour.

L'Oreal Paris Now You Sea Me Nail Polish - Perfect for Summer

Where I Found It?

I visited Lifestyle Store twice - to pass this shade first time and then making sure I got it when visited  2nd time. It was kind of fun - like an adrenaline rush - would I get it or not?  Buying this did not make me feel like on the 9th cloud because I had dreamed of wearing it many times. It is called visualisation in Law-of-Attraction terms. It felt like it is mine!!

L'Oreal Paris Now You Sea Me Nail Polish - Perfect for Summer


 This is the 2nd time I have bought a nail paint from  L'Oreal Paris and this time to be satisfied. 299INR and formula are super- neither too thick nor too thin. Spreads easily and slant brush shape makes the application even. I was surprised!! Dries in a decent time and I managed not to chip my nails - YAY YAY!! Stayed for good 5 days without chipping and biggest part that makes me so happy - the shade stays the same.

What I mean is - I have found nail polish shades fading or becoming tacky in finish and colour as the days go. But this one makes me really amused.

L'Oreal Paris Now You Sea Me Nail Polish - Perfect for Summer

Mid-Week Blabbing 

This was a series that I had started a couple of years back to talk about my personal life where I could rant and rave about things. But hey, knowing LOA has made me a lot different so I don't like to talk about things which are so-called-contrast. Because you will attract it too if you read my experience. However, just to give a brief - it's been topsy and turvy at work, Reet has not been keeping well since this Saturday. I am manifesting career switch in Information Technology sector - and I am sticking to it until Universe says babe I gotta this for you. But I really want to stick to this role (Information Security/Cyber Security) because it will give me a taste of both worlds - IT and Digital Marketing in some or the other ways. 

L'Oreal Paris Now You Sea Me Nail Polish - Perfect for Summer

Anyway! My next post would be a little glimpse of this shade on my nails - here and there. Hope you like it because I really love this whole shoot, outfit, and everything.

Tell me your favourite nail paint shade that you bought this summer?

Love and Light

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