This Shade From Huda Beauty Desser Dusk Might Need An Eyeshadow Glue

This eye shadow from Huda Beauty Dessert Dusk Palette definitely needs  and eyeshadow glue or so is the feeling of this popular YouTuber

If you are planning to buy Huda Beauty Desser Dusk Palette, add one more thing to your cart - Eye Shadow Glue.

An Arabian-Inspired eyeshadow palette by Huda Beauty called Dessert Dusk has inspired many eye-makeup looks since it launched.  This palette is filled with nudes, glittery and vibrant ochres. The shades are true to Huda Kattan's name and inspired by Sandy landscapes that surround Dubai.  

So, when my favourite Youtuber Kaushal Beauty was unboxing this eyeshadow palette that will give green eyes to the sun setting in Dubai bringing all the beautiful colors of nature, she also mentioned that this beautiful shade (Ah! it's sooooo pretty) would require an eyeshadow glue to hold it together because it's falling off. Jump ahead to know which ones!

This Shade From Huda Beauty Desser Dusk Might Need An Eyeshadow Glue

This Shade From Huda Beauty Desser Dusk Might Need An Eyeshadow Glue

Shade "Cosmo" in Huda Beauty Dessert Dusk Eye SHadow Palette Swatch

All Shades in Huda Beauty Dessert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette

Shade "Cosmo" of Huda Beauty Dessert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette

Final Scoop
Tis is just the first impression of Kaush after looking at the palette and cswatching this beautiful shade. So, mind it, this thought might be changed (Or not!) after using it one of her makeup looks. To keep yourself up with that update - follow Kaushal Beauty on YouTube

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Before you go-

Let me know what you think of this palette?
I am not much into eyeshadows because of my extraordinary skills that will put you in awe. But I have followed many Beauty Bloggers and YouTubers that I know this palette is the heart of all warm eye-makeup looks anybody will ever be doing until next launch of another palette.

Love and Light

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