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Last couple of months have been real pain in ass? This all caused multiple contrasts (read: problems, issues, complexities, disturbances, diseases etc. etc. etc.) in your life? Great job!! Now hear this out!!

In order to change our circumstances (read: current/old realities), it's very important for us to truly recognize them. If I say truly, that actually suggests not cancelling them out in our minds by ignoring them. For instance, we go to a family gathering only to return with hurt or shame or some kind of baggage that we don't like. We know the reason! The reason is that "one person" in our family who cracks nasty jokes and touches our pain points. If we truly recognized the "root cause" of the problem, we would either not go to that place where that person is or we would understand what is causing us hurt deep down. Is it that "pain point"? Yes, it is that "Pain Point"! But if we decided to go that party again without working on that "pain point", we have not "truly" recognized the "cause". If we had, you would work on it and become a new "self" with a different, positive and high energy.
This "decision" will bring our new reality to fruition!
It all can happen which we want but we have to "decide".
I have read many a times that the crux of this whole life according to Law of Attraction is Ask. Believe. Receive.
From now on, my book would start with Decide. Ask. Believe. Receive.

Zara Denim jacket, Lifestyle Tank Top, Thrifted PJ and Slip On

Zara Denim jacket, Lifestyle Tank Top, Thrifted PJ and Slip On

Zara Denim jacket, Lifestyle Tank Top, Thrifted PJ and Slip On

Zara Denim jacket, Lifestyle Tank Top, Thrifted PJ and Slip On
Before you go-
What have you "decided" today? Let me know in comments and ask me anything!
I have decided allow myself think from the perspective of love and before reacting I will put myself in other's shoes. I will report, how far I go, I promise!
Love and Light

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