#CoolestMonkeyInTheJungle | H&M Apologises For Its Racist Children's Hoddie! Was It That Bad?

H&M Apologises For Its Racist Children's Hoddie! Was It That Bad?
So, all the activists in the town, please stand up!! we have got another controversy in the market and this time it's H&M.
Apparently, H&M made a hoodie and put some words on it that read "Coolest Monkey in the jungle" that they decided a black child model would wear.
The internet has left their houses, work, food and families to protest and give their suggestions and express their disagreement because it was racist of H&M to do that.
Below is the product and the model-
Black child model wearing H&M collest monkey in the jungle hoodie

H&M Coolest Monkey in the jngle itself

H&M'sapology on coolest monkey in the jungle incident

The people who have disagreement with writing how nobody noticed during the product check and measures taken by a marketing team to approve a product, how this kid's parents allowed their child to be a part of this.

I say - exactly!!


This is what SSU thinks -

1. If it wasn't publicized like this, we could have never found an issue.

2. Nobody saw an issue in calling a kid monkey. Sometimes their parents call their kids "monkey" in love and affection, and they are not being racists.

3. It seems like people who are relating this with racism, subconsciously feel that people from African descent are monkeys or look like monkeys.

4. It's sad that celebrities come forward and talk about such things and declare  such strong statements.

H&M Apologises For Its Racist Children's Hoddie! Was It That Bad?

5. People being so vulnerable at this are going to cause problems for people getting work like companies staying away from casting a black model as nobody knows what will cause a stir on the internet.

6. We also think that H&M should have told us everything in details and then apologized if they wanted.

6 reasons SSU thinks this wasn't supposed to be what it was being called out for.

Before you go-
Let us know what you think of this whole marketing project - Racist/Non-Racist?

Love and Light

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