Why Should You Choose Happily Unmarried Grooming Products?

What Is So Interesting About It? #HappilyUnmarried

Grooming products which are harmful chemical free, pocket-friendly and loved by all who tried them for the first time. Enough! It's time to read the real deal about Happily Unmarried products and what SSU thinks.

Written by Sakshi Misra, www.vanityhues.winkl.co | Edited by SSU

If you are looking for harmful chemical free grooming products with a quirky yet simple packaging then you must check-out Happily Unmarried.

Even after being happily married, I am very excited to see the products of Happily Unmarried on my beauty shelf-
  • Moisturising cream
  • Perfume Soul Chutney (10 ml)
  • Perfume Not Pink. (10 ml)

Shipping and Packaging

The perfume bottles come nicely wrapped in a bubble-wrap with husk all around to prevent breakage from shocks. I have everything positive to say on this radar. 

Happily Unmarried Perfumes Not Pink and Soul Chutney (Rs.150 for 10ml)

Not Pink (BUY) is a fragrance that HU claims to be a fresh sharp and simple fragrance, that will remind you of the Ocean Breeze. 

A unisex perfume that will stimulate the olfactory senses of both genders. Most users claim that they love the fragrance and longevity is impressive.

Top Notes of Aquatic, Ozone & Citrus; Middle Notes of Cardamom Laurel & Jasmine; Bottom Notes of Sheer Amber & Patchouli.
One of the best perfumes that touches the soul
Soul Chutney, (BUY)  on the other hand, is totally sweet, juvenile and fruit based. The good thing about these Eau De Perfume is that they linger for long and stay for hours. I am going all gaga over Soul Chutney as it definitely has strung some notes with my Soul.  

HU claims that it's a mash-up of floral, fresh and fruity notes for the ones who live for today.

Top Notes of Citrus & Red Fruits; Middle Notes of Exotic Flowers; Bottom Notes of Amber & Sandalwood.

On SSU, In the end, we'd say that the quality is superb for the price (going by Sakshi's review)  and quantity as well that I see some other buyers complained about. I personally echo the need for cap on these bottles.

Happily Unmarried Moisturising Cream (Rs.299 for 100gm) BUY

Non-sticky moisturizer made to combat the dryness caused by Air Conditions and more.

Before talking about how it fared, would like to divulge what appealed the most to me. It's Marketing Segmentation and Cover that says "Switch Off the AC Or Get This Moisturising Cream" implying the after-effects of AC environment on our skin and claims that it helps to combat that dryness.
Where other drugstores come to the picture when it's winters but this one is certainly going to be around all year around. It's light on the skin and provides instant hydration to the skin. The fragrance is mild, fresh and new that I can say that I have never smelled before. This variant I am using is for Dry Skin, while people with oily skin can try another one. 

It contains Myramaze which is an extract from the desert resurrection plant Myrothamnus Fabellifolia. This plant can be desiccated beyond any other living thing and come back to life when watered! MYRAMAZE® mimics this resurrection effect on human skin. Not only does it deliver the necessary hydration, it also has an especially high proportion of protective substances. More protective than a jealous boyfriend.
It protects from harmful radiations emitted from electronics as well as laptops and desktops. That makes it a nice product for Office Goers.

Also, it can be used as a hand cream which is quite a fad these days.

Buy Happily Unmarried Here

Final Scoop by SSU

HU packaging is reminding me of Anatomicals and I love HU is also using some tongue-in-cheek one-liners. All in all, I am very happy and excited about including HU products in my vanity for sure, Sakshi. I think hand-creams are an added expense and can easily be passed if we have non-sticky creams/moisturizers, I am glad that HU moisturizer can be used as hand-creams considering you find it non-sticky too. And, what a relief to finally see a moisturizer that is chemical free and made for fighting the dryness caused by our Air-Conditioned lives.
I have a soft-corner for perfumes and I am so excited to find one day when I would give Soul-Chutney a shot.
Before you guys go-
Where did you hear from Happily Unmarried and its products?
Love and Light

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