Have You Tried Double-Cleansing Method? My 30s Skin Loved It!

I tried double cleansing method which s just awesome for my 30s skin
Since, I first knew about different type of cleaning face like oil-cleansing - a lot has been produced under this umbrella in the market, like - double cleansing that involves two steps of cleaning process for perfect glowing skin.
You start the process 1st by using a cleansing oil to ensure every particle (not your skin) on your face has melted away.
TIP - Choose a cleansing oil free from preservatives, mineral oils or silicone.
For this first step you can also choose Garnier's Micellar Water (Buy Now) that has recently been launched in the Indian market and I have seen people raving about it.Top shots also think it's a bang-on dupe for Bioderma's cleansing water.  I would love to use it!
2nd step would be to use any gentle face wash or cleansing gel that doesn't irritate your skin. My personal opinion would be to pick one from either Just Herbs, Cetaphil, Avene or Bioderma.
I have used all 4 face washes and I love how gentle and easy they were on my skin. (Do you have any other suggestions?)
 TIP: Double Cleansing is good for night-time routines when our skins is laden with dirt, grime and greasy oil that skin produces.
I never double-cleansing method intentionally and when I did, I didn't know it was called this.
What did I use for double-cleansing method (without knowing)?
I used un-boiled milk (I swear by this) with cotton pads and left for 5 minutes on face. Warm water is perfect for cleaning milk, so, I used warm water followed by a face wash.  Here it is - my quick double-cleansing method. LOL.
Do I like double-cleansing method?
As  am writing this post after trying tis method, I must say that my 30s skin is loving it. From tweens to 30s, my skin has changed a lot. From oily/sensitive skin to combination/sensitive and the latter needs lots of deep cleansing as well as hydration.
We will talk about hydration later!
There is one thing that instantly changed on my skin after trying this method for the first time i.e. the texture of skin and pores felt smaller, probably because I splashed my face with cold water too. Texture of skin - 100%. There could be many reasons though.
First is that I have not been well for long and took medicines and sleep pattern changed. This all cause a dehydrated body and skin. My skin could drink a few spoons of (olive) oil and it did. Olive oil is great for skin anyway! Another reason could be winter season which cause dry skin hence skin needing more hydration. Whatever was the reason, I would keep doing it whenever my mind reminds me of this cleansing method until I have a reason not to do. 
Also, I was mindful of using water after each process. I used tissue-papers to soak the excess oil and cloth soaked in hot water to dissolve the olive oil. Thereafter I washed my face with Jovees Golden face wash (which is not a gentle face wash but I find it great!) and used warm water to clean it. My last round was a few forceful splashes of cold water followed by 100 pats on skin.

Before you go -
Where did you read about double cleansing method? Did you try it?
Love and Light

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