#SelfloveSaturday | Why Are We Here On This Earth? Exactly For This!!

What is our life purpose? What  are we here to do on this earth? You already know the answer. It's just that you want someone to tell you and this videos is that sign.
What is our life purpose? What are we here to do on this earth? You already know the answer. It's just that you want someone to tell you and this post is that sign!

Before you go ahead, let me clarify one more thing. This is what "my answer" is to the question that I skipped in past whenever I saw it on a blog, a video, an article etc. But I asked myself time to time, somewhere behind the curtains, deep inside me. If you could relate, there are certain things we tell ourselves in the deepest part of our body while doing some self-talk but our brain doesn't get it and we think that we don't care about that question or thing. For me, not any more! Although I would read what others feel about it.

Now, please jump ahead!

We are on this earth to do what we love, to go where our heart pulls and to be what we want to become. 

We know that we should do what we love. People who are doing what they are passionate about and made the passionate their profession are the happiest. We know that but on our way to make a living,  we tend to forget this truth and then it becomes scary, stupid and non-sensical to follow our dreams.

It happened and happens to me too. (This really awesome dude - my brain!)

I liked blogging but I didn't go anywhere. By saying (going anywhere) that, I mean reach those heights that people who came with me or after me reached.

I didn't reach anywhere because I was doing that wrong. I was looking at others and then at my blog to see where I had reached. 

It took me time (good 8 years) to finally find a purpose behind doing all this. I had to come here and talk about what I am talking right now. This purpose was my calling, I don't have to leave behind what I am and what I like. 

It doesn't mean I would not falter on my way ever. I would but I would get-up again because my higher-self, my inner-being, my guides and the highest power is with me. It might sound funny to some of you but I have felt everything I just mentioned since 2015. I just had to be aware!

So that I don't forget, I have decided to include these questions in my journal every week.
1. What am I passionate about doing?
2.  What am I going to do about it (passion)?
And more such soul-searching questions would follow in my journal.

Before you go -

Let me tell you all a fact. This video might or might not resonate with you. But it's a BIG sign for those who find an answer in this post/video. It's all about the time and circumstances. There will be a time that certain things would appear or sound like made for you especially. When it feels like that, just believe that it is certainly made for you. Go, take an action whatever it is!

Love and Light

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