Get This 1 Thing And You Won't Need A Human To Make You Happy!

Shopping, Style and Us: India's Top Shopping and Selfhelp Blog - Just get this one easy, peasy thing which is available for free and within you. I promise you won't need a human to make you happy.

Your husband leaves you alone, specially when you need him the most. Hello duty!!

Your kids are busy in mobile and laptop, they remember you only when they need to fill their empty stomachs or clean their butts.

And I feel you!

Yes, me too! I have been through it alone and it didn't feel right. It happened 30 minutes back giving me inspiration to write this post for ya'll. I am writing this post in fever, stomach ache and sand in my eyes as I want to sleep. But, the message needs to be heard!

I am saying that! *shaking my head*

If you have this one thing, I promise you, you would feel that you need a human to make you feel better,but not really. This one thing will take care of everything. It actually creates a doorway to your mental peace, financial freedom (if you take it seriously!) and a sense of satisfaction.

That one thing is a "HOBBY" . If you don't have one, find one. If you had one but is buried deep down your heart, take it out. If you had been planning on taking up one but couldn't think about, just take one step and it will lead you there. Pick anything that makes you smile!

Here is a very important reason behind this. No external factor is required, necessary or responsible for your happiness, loneliness, selfishness- any "ness" for that matter. It all comes from within you. Have you ever noticed that one day you wakeup and realise that you are just happy. Nobody brought a bouquet in the night (but that can happen too and you have all the freedom on earth to be happy and gush about.) and nobody waved a wand to complete all chores.

I am just happy

That one thing proves we don't need an external factor to be happy. But your mind does! Your mind needs a reason to think that there is a reason to be happy - this is where a hobby comes in picture.

As I am writing this post, I want to confess that this blog is my hobby, my baby and my reason to be happy when I don't have any external reasons to be so. If not for this blog, I would be sulking right now and cussing at my husband because I really want him around when I am not well, feeling low or just not ready to face the day. It doesn't mean I don't feel sad, I do but for a shorter duration. But I have decoded the formula for my happiness. My hobby, and a few other things. I will talk about them later. And I think you all should know!!

Before you go -

Let us know your hobby and what you are doing about it?

Love and Light

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