How To Deal With Life's Not-So-Happy Surprises!

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Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it!
- Andy Warhol
Are you wondering how you will treat life when it brings surprises? Are you already face to face with life’s surprise that you are not happy about or ready for? Me too!! But everything will work out smoothly only if we...

As I am listening to Louise Hay’s morning affirmation “We are entitled to miracles”, I am also wondering when I acquired this calm in my life and handling miracles (read: surprises) so effectively.

This is my birthday month (September) and enjoying no-rush life in Varanasi which also happens to be my hometown. This was unplanned like every other thing you are going to read ahead!

Months-long shooting pain and story of the kidney-stone of my friend's husband led me to an ultrasound (done on 31Aug18). Report surprised me and my family because I was surprised to find that I was carrying a gallstone (9.9mm) and it needed to be operated immediately. Everyone recommended that I must get it removed while I was in Banaras so the whole family could look after me and my daughter.

My mother insisted that I must get a chemical peeling done because my skin looks tanned and the treatment has worked for everyone. So, I got chemical peeling done at one of the most popular dermatologists in Banaras - Dr Telang. Her assistants performed the process after Dr Telang checked my skin for a brief 5 minutes. 

This is my first time getting professional peeling and I am eagerly waiting for my skin to peel off.  Last time it was some at-home peeling process using Cosderma Koji Pro Peel that I recorded and uploaded on YouTube which did not make my skin peel off.

Cosderma Koji Peel Part-I
Cosderma Koji Pro Peel (Application) Part-II

If you read again what I just wrote above, it won't be hard to understand these all surprises were not-so-good, time taking, on top they demanded an investment. I would call it an investment instead of an expense because I got something valuable back in return. 

Was I ever prepared for these surprises? No! So, how did I handle it? 

I allowed everything and did not resist what was in front of me. I just went with the flow as it came because over-thinking has never made anything easy. Does it mean we must accept everything that comes on our path as we lead the life? The answer is hidden in your heart, in your conviction and what you want. 

Allow the life!

I wanted to get rid of the pain. So, I got the surgery done.
My tanned back of the neck was bothering me for some time. I got the peeling done.
I wanted to visit my family and an unplanned visit to Banaras was a happy surprise for me.

I have a big case open at work (against something) and the results of the investigation will be out in this month. What I want is what I want. But I intend to live with the flow and I know I am ready for any surprises life will throw at me.

And I promise you, life will always be easy if we just went with the flow. Life will be easy if we always know that we are creating our life and others are just the puppet/figures created by our thought process. It isn't scary. It is satisfying that we can change our lives whenever we want and allow surprises enlighten us!

Hope this post gives you a hope and makes you more positive towards life!

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