101 Guide for Parents of School Going Kids | Take Care of These Tiny Blood Suckers!

If you are a parent of school going kid, then this suggestion is a life saver because nobody told me about this ever. I never heard parents talking about this problem until it came at their face. But we can do something about them before these little monsters become a problem!!

Here come univted guests that suck blood (no pun intended) and usually like to stay for a while on our head aka "lice".

Head lice are wingless insects spending their entire lives on the human scalp and feeding exclusively on human blood.

They are harmless and don't cause any serious disease!

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According to WebMd, "Head lice are most common in young children who go to day care, preschool, or elementary school. Children of this age often play together closely and with more hair-to-hair contact, and they may share brushes, hats, hair clips, and the like. Adults who live with children also have a higher risk of getting head lice."

Here comes the terrifying possibilitiy of my daughter getting head lice, and eventually it's my head and hair.

Head Lice Treatments

  1. Become anti-social!
  2. Over the counter lice treatment oils and shampoos.
  3. Treating lice with essential oils.
  4. Lice-Comb
  5. Cutting hair or going completely bald.

1. Become Anti-Social

We simply can't do this. Even if we're loner, we have to go out buy something. (Hello! our inner-shopaholic.)

2. Over the counter oils and serums.

One I know of and always resort to is "Mediker". This is the treatment I have used since my childhood and this is what I use for my child. 

Shopping, Style and Us: India's Best Shopping and Self-Help Blog- Treat lice with over the counter treament oils and serums.

Shopping, Style and Us: India's Best Shopping and Self-Help Blog- Treat lice with over the counter treament oils and serums.

Shopping, Style and Us: India's Best Shopping and Self-Help Blog- Treat lice with over the counter treament oils and serums.

There are many other treatments available  like Nyda Head Lice Remover available on Amazon.

Nyda Head Lice Remover claims that it is:

  • Simple to use | Pump Spray provided - easily spreads on hairs.
  • Clinically Proven effective against head lice & eggs. | 100% effective
  • Absolutely Safe for all age group (above 2 years).
  • Free from unsafe chemicals | No unwanted smell.
  • Can be used for all types of Hairs.

3. Treating lice with essential oils.

Neem Oil is the first preference when treating lice because it's bitter, comparatively thick and help suffocate head lice. Doesn't sound human or ethical at all- but this is how we treat blood sucking tiny monsters.

I can also use Tea Tree Oil because it is effective in treating many skin diseases and bugs. But I have never used it on lice though!

4.  Lice comb 

Lice-combs are oldest treatment available for head lice and I have seen people in my village using them. Given a choice, I'd prefer combs first before essential oils and any OTC treatment should come last. Combs are free of chemical (of course) option! With combs, the problem is nits are so stubborn and small that combs bristles often leave them behind.

5. Cutting hair or going bald.

Alright! In 80s and 90s, parents shaved-off their kids' hair like hair grew over night. The process of growing hair took kids to different levels of embarrassment then. 

(On a side note, I am already teaching my daugher that all kinds and forms of humans are normal because she is spotting the differences now, which is not cool!)

But most of the parents and kids prefer big hair so I am removing this option from my list (at least). But if you see lice making pair and going on a walk in and out of your hair, and nothing works - it's about time that you said bye to hair for your own good!

So, what's the suggestion for the parents of school going kids?

The suggestion is that don't wait to start the treatment until you see little six legged pricks having a party in your kids hair. Don't let them grow. 

This is what I follow:

1. I was my daughter's hair twice a week.
2. I use luke-warm water often, doesn't matter what the season is.
3. I always keep a bottle of Mediker in house. I use it immediatey if I see my child scratching her hair multiple times in a day. I do check her head for any red bumps that could be a cause of hot and humid weather though.
4. I always have these essential oils in my cupboard: Clove oil, Neem oil, Tea-Tree Oil and Coconut oil that we can use to treat lice. I also keep Citronella oil for mosquitoes. I use first four oils to massage hari time to time.

In the end, I'd say "Prevention is better than cure." In case of lice, it always is.

My head has started itching and I am gonna use tea-tree oil now! Ugh.

Till later...

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