#NotSponsored - This Lingerie Brand in India Is One Of The Best!

Shopping, Style and Us: India's Best Shopping and Self-Help Blog - #NotSponsored - This Lingerie Brand in India Is One Of The Best!
Written by Sakshi Misra, www.vanityhues.winkl.co | Edited by SSU

What's the whole point of being pretty on the outside when you are ugly on the inside?
- Jess C. Scott

Not really ugly because this is not an adjective in SSU's dictionary, but not-feeling-pretty is. Today in this post we will talk about an Indian lingerie brand which not only keeps you in shape but promises to deliver a value. SSU will take you to those inner nooks of beauty which many of us conveniently ignore because SSU believes everyone should feel pretty from the inside too.

Let's talk about it!

Shopping, Style and Us: India's Best Shopping and Self-Help Blog - #NotSponsored - enamor - This Lingerie Brand in India Is One Of The Best!

About the Brand

Gokaldas Intimatewear Private Limited was created as a joint venture between Gokaldas Images Private Limited and Barbara of Paris, France in 2001. GIPL launched the brand ENAMOR in 2003, to present a range of lingerie exclusively made for the Indian woman.

Back then, only a few brands catered to the women of the upper society. With the fast-growing economy, there was a definite need for premium lingerie.
And this need was catered by GIPL.

Shopping, Style and Us: India's Best Shopping and Self-Help Blog - #NotSponsored - Enamor - This Lingerie Brand in India Is One Of The Best!

What they have in their bouquet?

Enamor fares into many products, bound to make us feel sexy and beautiful outside and inside too. A few to name are:
  • Bras
  • Panties
  • Shapewear
  • Nighties
  • Nightwear sets
These products can be further classified in fabric types, padded to non-padded cups, wired,non-wired, top to bottom sets, dailies, lace wears, bracelets, sports bra, t-shirt bra, they have it all.

My Experience and Our Suggestions

Most of the girls struggle with identifying the right cup size. In our country and its households, most of the mothers just estimate the measurement of the bra size for their girls. While we think girls should be guided and taught how to buy an inner-wear for themselves. Being ignorant while choosing the right size can change the shape of the breasts forever, causing some health issues as well, and changing how their favourite outfit looks from outside which dents the confidence.

Therefore, we suggest to visit a shop, do trial checks, talk to the sales girls and then picking up the right size.
I was introduced to Enamor way back in 2012. One day while working, I realised that some part of my money I invest in clothes should be spent on a decent lingerie as well. The right innerwear can lift up the look as much as the bad one can demean it. So with this philosophy, I went with my first purchase of an enamour product. Guided by the sales agent, the correct size and perfect fit made me realise that my money was spent on something really good which made me feel good for a really long time.

Read This To Know Why You Should Spend on A Good Lingerie like Enamour!

SSU: In our country, we are always looking for less investment and high returns. Nothing is behind in it and lingerie is one of them. SSU is also into finding more economic options in all areas of lifestyle and we have spent on lingerie which we got for less and that worked really well. (More about that shop and the market on our Youtube Channel. ) But it might not work all the time. We need expert hands behind an expert brand. This is why they charge a little extra, for an experience more than a little extra. 
Sakshi: You may shell out on an average 500 INR on an enamour bra, but the product won't disappoint you at all. The product lasts for good 3-4 years, which is a decent time for any person to discard the product. The amazing collection, fancy combinations and variety of designs have made Enamor my all time-dependent brand. After trying innerwear from many other leading brands, Enamor turns out to be the best for me.




Last Scoop

We just talked about one of our favourite lingerie brands in India. We have a wide market with wide range of brands that have expertise in making lingerie and they hire the best Sales Agents who will guide and help you pick the best fit for you without judging you. You can pick your own favourite!

Before you go-

Tell us who will be the best lingerie model in India?

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