30 Things To Bring While Visiting Someone At Hospital and 3 Things To Not!

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Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us.
 - Boris Pasternak

God forbid, anyone has to ever see their loved ones hospitalised for any reason. However, if there are any circumstances in which you have to visit someone and you want to do something for them- this post might be a saviour.

From my experience, what I have seen the most people getting for a patient are flowers and fruits which is more than appropriate. Flowers add colours andhappiness to the atmosphere, and fruits are healthy, delicious (and expensive?). I never thought of any other things that I could bring so

I did gift a couple of cakes and flowers to my friend's brother who was hospitalised after meeting an unfortunate accident and it was his birthday.  He loved and my friend couldn't stop gushing about how lucky she felt. I never looked at something extra ordinary though and I just thanked God (Kalka Mata to be specific) . Until now when I read this and being discussed at length on Reddit. (Credits are given at the end of the post.)

People really need these stuff when they are in hospital and it makes a huge difference when someone thinks about them. They might feel like someone causing you inconvenience, but it's your job to use right words at the right time with the right person. For example- 

"I made carrot pudding today, can I bring some for you?"

"Would you like me to make you some carrot pudding? "

it might make the patient feel like he is causing an inconvenience for you. Nobody wants to feel causing unnecessary burden for anyone or someone going out of their way.

So, here are some ideas that may help you find the best appropriate gift to bring along  while you are visiting someone in hospital-


4. Home cooked food
6. Dessert

7. Devices to charge phone and laptop (USB extender, power bank, extension Boards etc. )
8. Movies
9. Games
10. Headphones
12. Books, if you know their taste.
14. Diary to journal
15. Lend your tab or laptop until they are healthy and discharged. 

17. Gowns
22. Lotions that don't make them smell like Hospital anymore.
23. Sheet Masks for a little pampering
24. Essential oil spray that soothes and clenses the environment and makes it fragrant.


1. Bulky, big-ass stuff because mostly hospital rooms are small and it's a pain to store them.
2. Flowers because patient or people around might be allergic to them.
3. Balloons. They are cute and everything but it isn't nice if they burst in the middle of the night waking up everyone.


1. Bring what you have spare at home and don't buy a new one.
2. If they don't want anything, just make a basket full of foods they can have later with their people acommpanying them in the hospital.
3. Give them options like you are visiting a store and if they would like something.

Hope this post would help you finding the best gift for someone who is in hospital and longing to see a fresh breeze, sunshine and your love!

Before you go -

Please add more to this list that you have gifted someone or would like to. You can also exclude a few things, just let us know why!

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