#TravelersNoteBook : A-Z of 50+ "Too-Necessary-To-Miss" Travel Items!

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As I am planning my annual trip to Goa, I am going to share a list of items that a traveller must carry with them. This could be only list you need!

Whether you're taking a flight, train, bus or your own vehicle, these items will help you face any challenges while travelling. You can also buy them in the city you're travelling to, but I would personally like to AVOID buying things that I can get in my own house. We tend to pass, miss or forget things that appear too common and this list is comprised of such items.  

 This list of "too-necessary-to-miss" items is for all kind of travellers -
  1. Antibacterial hand wipes/sanitizer - I would personally pick a sanitizer instead of wipes because I would not like to carry a used wipe with me and add it into the garbage later (hello, #zerowaste lifestyle!). Both can be used to kill the germs on your hands and your gadgets. (TIP: Clean your mobile phone, laptops, cameras with antibacterial sanitizer). I am currently using mini hand sanitizers by Lifebuoy, Dettol, Strategi and a full pack of Himalaya Hand Sanitizer.
  2. "Active" Underwear (A pair at least) - Active or Sports underwear are designed to keep your skin breathing, sweat-free and light. Some of these come with a hidden pocket too like Azani Sports underwear on Amazon.
  3. Aloe vera Gel - A good aloe vera gel will help you keep your skin, hair and feet beautiful, relaxed and cure/relief sun-burns too. I am currently using Patanjali aloe vera gel. You can use whatever suits you.
  4. Bamboo/Steel Straws - Bamboo straws or steel straws, I would suggest investing in either of them. By using it, you can avoid the use of single-use plastic straws that add to waste that goes into landfills.I recently bought Bamboo India bamboo straws and my family likes it too.
  5. Bandanas - or scarves, dupattas, stoles whatever you have. They can be used for multiple purposes - from covering head from the sun, wind etc. to carrying things, tieing a wound.

  6. Backpack - We all carry a backpack when we are travelling. But I'd suggest keeping one spare in your luggage. Thank me later! We are currently using a Kappa Backpack in white and blue colour with multiple sections. we can carry two laptops, a couple of clothes, toiletries, chargers, power banks, books etc. The USP is it doesn't feel very heavy!
  7. Baseball Cap - No explanations for a baseball cap.
  8. Bluetooth Speakers - This is one of the best things we have got in 2018 and we absolutely love it. I know your household has one too. Just don't forget carrying it (and its charger) with your travel items. We are currently using SONY SRS-X11 which is a cute and little speaker but enough sound to make your bonfire exciting for a lit party.
  9. Books -  I love books and I truly feel that they are my true friends. They listen to me, give me suggestions and always remind me that it's all good in my life. This is the power of a good book. I'd suggest you check out some books under 100INR or check out a book-stall in your nearest market.
  10. Camp/swiss knife - A swiss knife comes with multifunctionality options that will help you at every step- from opening a can to cutting things, making holes, screwing a nut and as a tweezer or tooth-pick like this Rimei Multifunction Stainless Steel Corrosion Resistant Swiss Knife. You can also check more Swiss knife options and make a choice.
  11. Citronella Oil - I can't stress enough for you to carry a bottle of Citronella oil that is effective (and safe to use) to repel bugs and mosquitoes. Make sure you choose good and trusted brands like Aroma Magic, Soulflower, Deves Herbes etc.
  12. Cotton Undergarments- Apart from Active underwears, choose your undergarments in cotton fabric to avoid, rashes, burns and other skin-conditions that one might develop during extreme weather conditions.
  13. Dishwasher in a travel bottle - It's a no brainer. Although you might think that you don't need it, I promise that it will be helpful to wash any container, hand, shoes etc.
  14. Earplugs - Chances are you will be in a noisy place when you can do with some peace and quiet. I use these very basic corded foam earplugs that come in a  pack of 10 (or you can buy just 1 pair) and they work the best. I use earplugs during meditation and have tried different ones, but I assure you that these work the best.

  15. First Aid Kit - Band-Aid, Burnol, Tablets for Headache, fever, cold, allergies, Eno Satchets, Digital Thermometer, Vicks Vaporub, Anti-Bacterial Powder/Ointment, Sevalon etc. Pick any old pouch or bag and fill it with these necessary products.
  16. Flashlight - Chances are you will say that your mobile phone already has a flashlight and I would say that a spare flashlight that works on batteries will work longer without drinking-up your phone's juices.
  17. Floaters/Crocs/Plastic Sandals/Flip-Flops - Some find these ugly, and some depend on the local market or hotel. I wouldn't do both. There had been times when I wanted to get rid of my travel-shoes and let my feet breathe. There come the so-called-ugly-plastic-friends.
  18. Glue Stick - You know where I would use a glue stick? From sticking my bills in a diary by dates to any tear in my clothes.
  19. Hammock - This is an extra and only for those who love to take a halt at places and enjoy nature. But if you have one in our backpack, you will find more places to enjoy your journey.
  20. Insulated Hot/Cold Thermal Bag- This insulated hot/cold thermal bag came up while I was searching for an electric hot bag. I thought it's a good idea to add to this list. At times, I want to carry food to the room instead of buying expensive dishes from the hotel's menu.  If you do the same or you have kids with you - buy one.
  21. Jean Jacket - A denim jacket is perfect for any weather conditions. They look cool with any outfit, wear them during day time in a cold place, night if in coastal areas where temperature turns a little colder in the evening.

  22. Knit/Straw Hat - Only for tropical locations and chances are you can buy one after you reach. 
  23. Lavender Oil - It is optional for some but a must-have for those who believe in aroma-therapy. I assure you that lavender oil will cheer you up if you have a dull mood, a tired evening, a hectic day, headache or you just want to have a whiff of calm aroma - lavender oil is your friend.
  24. Lighter - Like "baseball caps", no explanation for lighter either. You just need one!
  25. Lip Balm with SPF - I have been to Goa thrice and it didn't occur to me until last year that we need our lip balms with SPF too. My lips made me think what I was doing wrong because I drink water at regular intervals and keep myself hydrated. I have almost got rid of licking my lips often and I apply a good lip balm. It didn't occur to me until I read a traveller's post who recommended a lip balm with SPF and had suffered from the same lip-condition Ugh! Here is a handful of lip balms with SPF.
  26. Long Sleeve Button-up Shirt- Just keep one of these. 
  27. Long Sleeve T-Shirt - and one of these!
  28. Microfiber Cloths - A pack of micro-fibre cloths will be cheaper than a pack of hand wipes and can be used wet or dry, to take off makeup or clean electronics, camera lenses, mobile phones etc. They dry quickly too. Pick a pack of 5 cloths by SOFTSPUN which has raving reviews of 1, 055 buyers and a 4.5 stars rating.
  29. Pair of gloves - From elbow-length gloves to save hands from sun to some sturdy ones to save palms from getting sore- choose any kind depending on your need.
  30. Power Bank - In the era of social media and need of updating and uploading pictures and videos to keep others update, a power bank is a must. We are currently using Syska Power Pro 200 (2000mah) that charges my iPhone 7 Plus 5 times in its full capacity, takes 3-4 hrs to get charged fully. Only con is that it is a little heavy and larger as compared to my old Potronics power bank that I liked a lot. 
  31. Rain suit/Jacket - An extra in the luggage but worth it if you are going to a rain-prone location.
  32. Reusable Water Bottles - Pick any reusable water bottle from these options made of BPA free plastic, are sturdy and budget-friendly. I am moving from plastic to stainless steel products, so, I have recently bought a stainless steel water bottle. Heavier than a plastic bottle but totally worth it because it keeps liquid hot/cold for good 12 hrs. These reusable water bottles will save you money and help this planet free of plastic-dump landfill even if it's just a tiny bit of comparison.
  33. Washing Brush For Bottles - This is something very common or unnecessary. But you would need it if you are travelling with kids, using reusable bottles, milk bottles etc. 
  34. Thermosteel Bottle(s)- A good option if you want to avoid using plastic bottles. Please see point no. 32.

  35. Selfie Stick - Hah!
  36. Snacks - I get hungry anywhere and everywhere, especially when I know I can't get food or stop to eat. These are the times when these snacks in my backpack help me save my sanity before I get hangry. 
  37. Sunglasses - And always keep an extra pair! Sunglasses are one of the most lost and broken items during a trave
  38. Sunscreen - Summer, winter or monsoon - we all need sunscreen. My fav sunscreen is Lotus Herbals matte gel with SPF50, and I am also using Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock which a cult favourite.
  39. Super Glue - This one product has saved me time, money and sanity- all at the same time. One can use a super-glue to mend shoes, belts, broken handles, bags, and everything you think of, that you can stick with glue. Here is a bunch of super-glues that you can buy, but I have used only Pidilite Feviquick, and Pidilite Shoefix. Both work an undeniably good job in sticking the most stubborn products.
  40. Swim-Suit - I am not a swimmer, but I do want to enjoy the swimming pool in the hotel or the resort I am staying at. For that, I had to hunt a market in south Goa for a decent swimsuit. Please don't be like me! Pack one in your luggage. It will help you find one in your budget and not over-spend on a very ok-type swimsuit like me.
  41. Toilet Seat Sanitizer - After I caught a sever Urine infection while travelling in the past, I dreaded using a public-loo. I just didn't know how to use it except hanging my rear in the air to pee. God's grace that I didn't have to take a poop. But since I have been given a couple of pee-safe bottles in a goodie-bag that I carry whenever I go out. I am positive that I would buy them again once they are over.
  42. Tripod - For your cameras and now mobile phones too! I also bought a mobile phone accessory that works smoothly with remote, I highly recommend.
  43. T-Shirts - It's especially for girls! No matter how many dresses you pack, nothing can beat a good t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Just keep 3-4 in your luggage. 

  44. Umbrella - For all the tantrums weather might throw on you!
  45. Matches - Where lighter won't work, a good match would.
  46. USB Charger - A good, durable and reliable USB charger is a must-have for all kind of travellers. But it is also important that your choice a multi-purpose like I am planning to buy this Portronics universal electrical sockets and 3 USB ports.
  47. Wool Socks - I remember somebody sprained their foot including their hand. The band-aid was used in the hand, leaving no option for the foot. The dispensary was far and foot was badly swollen. There came a wool-sock handy. It kept the foot tight and warm until we reached a place to take proper help. I bet you smirked and said why a wool-sock! 
  48. Ziplok bags - Although I am gradually moving to a #plasticfree and #zerowaste lifestyle, we need a more disciplined life to make sure we stop using plastic as much as we can. But if there are no options, a ziplock bag would help keep dirty clothes, used sachets, tubes, skincare products and stuff that can spill.
  49. Zip-Ties - Zip-ties are usually very strong and can be used to secure a broken vehicle part, luggage, windows and doors. Don't underestimate usage of a zip-tie, ever!
  50. Zip-Up Hoodie - A clothing item that will save your life from cold, wind and storm. A hoodie is better than a shirt, a jacket, and a cap which we talked about earlier.
Hope you enjoyed the post and I am sure that you have certain other items in your mind that you wanted to see listed here. Please throw them in the comments so we can list them down too with proper credits.

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