Self-Improvement: Workplace Harassment? Don't Lie To Yourself And Deal With It Like This!

"Don't lie to yourself About Workplace Harassment!" - says Shopping, Style and Us
You've started despising going to work or suffering from some health conditions that are making you dull, lifeless and uninterested when it comes to your job? Workplace harassment could be one of the reasons and this is how you can deal with it.

I recently met a friend/colleague after a long time. While asking about each other's whereabouts, my friend Linda (alias) expressed her feeling about taking a sabbatical. The only difference is that the sabbatical would NOT be given by the company (that we are working for), but she would give it to herself. Reason? She needs some peace and quiet. She thinks that she has worked for quite a long time and now is the right time to take a break. Also, her 3-year old will be happy to spend some undisturbed time with her mom. Sounds about a good decision, backed-up by self-love that I promote and encourage a lot. spring collection - Shopping, Style and Us
Since I have been going through some issues at work (which has made me really strong and has opened a gate of knowledge and information) that Linda knows about too, she disclosed her experience with her boss. Her new boss is behaving in a very disrespectful manner, makes constant remarks about her work and suggesting to give her work to someone else. Being in the same project for over 5 years, she sniffed conspiracy and expected clarity from her boss. 

This was enough to tell me how her plans about taking a break from work were nothing, but the fact that she wasn't constantly harassed and stressed because of her boss. Our company has many policies that offers movements of employees to other projects, which that is mostly human-driven, manipulated and time taking in most of the cases. Also, a very stressful procedure for an employee when they want employee to leave. It seemed like she wasn't ready to deal with all this! spring collection - Shopping, Style and Us

I didn't give her any unsolicited suggestions, but I told her what I always follow or try to follow that-
She must choose what her HEART wants and consider re-evaluating the FEAR-based decision.
And there was a sudden shift in her thinking after a few minutes. Suddenly, she was pouring with options and choices that she could make which will not only give her peace but will also make her stress-free. 

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My work was done! I helped my friend not to make a decision based out of fear, but I also helped her understand this company's policies that she had forgotten because of being fearful an stressed about her boss's behaviour. 

In many cases that involve sudden changes in an employee's health, mood, work-decisions etc. - workplace-harassment by a boss or a colleague who is a bully, or a mix of both is the reason. 

Here are 5 questions to help you re-evaluate your work atmosphere-

1. Who/what is bothering you?
2. Can you do something about it? The answer should be 'yes'. If it isn't then-
3. Do you know your rights as an employee in your company? Chances are 'No' if your answer to Questions 2 was 'Yes'.
4. Have you reported this to anyone in your company? Make sure that it is documented. Also, know that you have the rights to follow the hierarchy and keep reporting until it is sorted. It is your personal choice and takes! Nobody can, will or should force you to do that.
5. Are you thinking about continuing or quitting? Don't take the decision based out of fear. 
BONUS: How do you know if it's a fear based decision? Your heart will sing, feel free and you will fly high if it is based on LOVE.

10 Tips To Empower You and Handle Harassment Efficiently-

1. We must remember that we also have power as an employee. To understand more about it, know your company policies, the labour law of your country, and campaigns that are underway related.
2. There are certain things that we accept from friends, colleagues, relatives etc. out of courtesy, friendliness, and casually. Draw a respectful boundary so nobody takes you for granted. (Joe Biden Case)
3. Organizations should seize the opportunity to make strides toward gender equity—not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because companies that don’t will soon be left behind. (Harvard Business Review)
4. CHannel your outrage about harassment (Sexual, Workplace, Mental) in the workplace into effective action.
5. Check your own gender biases and distinguish between confidence and competence in your colleagues. (Harvard Business Review)
6. Recognize the issues women face when speaking up about bias or harassment. (HBR)
7. Learn the root causes of the barriers that exist for women in the workplace. (HBR)
8. Don't keep quiet about any kind of harassment whether it's with you or others. (Abha Singh, an eminent lawyer and activist)
9. "If it isn't written, it didn't happen." Keep everything documented in the form of writing, pictures, videos, messages, etc. Documentation will help you get more supports if need be.
10. Learn about harassment types, laws and the activities. Subscribe to websites like Freedom United,, etc. Watch this video on Sexual Harassment on our channel.

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2. References: Harvard Business Review, Abha Singh's round table press release, Joe Biden's harassment case.

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