my skin is dry

Some questions for you?

1- Is it the type of your skin or it has become dry over the time?
2- Is it dry because of the weather?
3- What is the climate condition where you live?

Answers for above mentioned questions would help not even a dermatologist decide what is in your favor but even you.

Now, let's come to the point:


- Use creamy cleansers / milk / Curd / a cold cream in order to clean your face.

I like Garnier cleanser. Cost effective, creamy, light and with a little soothing fragrance.

- Use splash of cold water as a toner/ use non-alcoholic toner / Rose water.

My favorites are: Aroma Magic toner(alcohol free), Rose petals in water, leave it over night and use / Splash of cold water with a few drops of lemon juice

- Use a nice moisturizer.

My favs are: Philosophy Hope in a jar SPF25 (the best so far) / Lush Imperials Moisturizer (Very moisturizing, hydrating and light. The fragrance is not very good though) / Coconut Oil / Olive Oil / Sesame Oil / Honey

The other tips to combat the dryness of skin is:

- Deep cleansing with hot oil.
- Wheat flour + Milk cream + 2- strands of saffron
- Anything that makes you sweat from exercise to household chores.
- Plenty of water. KEEP A BOTTLE WITH YOU wherever you go.
- Eat salad, fruits and sprouts.

Last but not the least: Don't let any face masks dry on your skin. Wash it off before it dries out. If you want to keep the mask for few more minutes then use water/unboiled milk to make it damp.

Hope it helps.


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