Review: Swatch: Elle 18 Nail Pops Number 37

Wow, I was so happy to see Elle 18 products in the nearest market. But almost everything was out of stock apart from Elle 18 Nail Pops, Elle 18 Sparklers and a couple of Elle 18 Lip Smoothies. Sigh!! I am loving Elle 18 products (a couple of 'em) so far and I really hope that Elle 18 comes out with their skincare products (for teens of course). Let me tell you all..."tys" will be excited equally along with "teens".

I am loving the shade. It's so wintery... may be it's only me who is calling this shade wintery but never mind. The swatch speaks.

Sunlight makes the pictures clear and beautiful and that I can see after taking these. So can you!! Isn't it!?!

Price: INR 45 = $ 1.00 for 5ml

Elle 18 Nail Pops Review

1- I like the formula they have used in this shade. I won't say in Nail Pops as I have seen variations from one shade to another shade of the same range, be it any brand. Do you agree?
2- One can get the actual color in two coats but I ended up applying three coats to get the actual shade or say the shade I wanted to look like. Thanks to my nail-paint abilities!!

3- Shade is nice, cute purple. It can zoom from cute to funky in a snap. The idea is the dress you are wearing with this nail shade. BTW do you also think like me that even the nail paints can add a character to your dress... I never gave an importance to nail paints in my life but I can figure this fact by looking at pictures on WWW.
4-  Who is not a sucker for li'l cute ... things around. You can bet I am pretty much into it. This cute li'l bottle is so much more beautiful than the pictures. I am already thinking of not to toss it up in dust bin after it finishes and the days are countable. You can say it would be the only nail paint I would finish and save the bottle for myself. I am sounding C-R-A-Z-Y, ain't I!?!

5- The brush is long and thick and it's definitely not the way I had imagined. I thought that the brush would be thin and small on the other hand wand would be thin and long. But it's other way round. I just wish the wand was a bit longer.

I am getting bigger nail fanatic day by day. I feel like buying all nail paints on this planet and live happily ever after. But it isn't possible I have to go shopping for other stuff too... The other day I entered a shop to buy my shampoo and conditioner but guess what!?! I picked two Revlon glittery nail paints as the nail counter is right at entrance. V was looking at me thinking if I was shop lifting (no just kidding, but his looks definitely made me laugh). The girl came to me and asked if I would like to see more shades. I nodded!! Being a nice and co-operative one, she offered me to do a swatch of those nail paints I had picked but the swatch turned out to be  complete No-No for me. I hate this when I don't get the shade of the bottle on my nails. I dropped the idea and V asked me a question but in MUTE and only I could understand. What was the question "What if girl didn't do a swatch" simple but tricky for me.
Where did I buy it?
At a cosmetic shop in South Delhi 

Will I buy it again?
Oh yeah until I find a dupe in bigger bottle or I get bored whichever is the earliest. ;-)

I know many of you have got this shade? SO tell me what you think? Is this shade your favorite?

Thank you for reading!!

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