A reason for smile - One Lovely Blog Award

Award is something that will always make you smile and deliver better in future. it's a motivation and love expressed by kind people around you. Big words!! But I felt exactly the same when i received "One Lovely Blog Award" by Swati of Perfect Skin care for You. Thank you Swati!! It means a lot to me. 

I am sure you already know her and her blog very well. but if you don't then "beware!! her blog is complete encyclopedia of natural skin care tips and loads of useful reviews" If you are a lover of natural skin care remedies and products then you will be blown. I am one of the admirers of her blog and many of her posts are set as my favorites in IE and Firefox. All set? head over Perfect Skin care for You.

The rules I have to follow:
  • link back to the person who passed you the award. (with loads of love)
  • share seven random things about yourself
  • award 15 blogs and let them know about it

Seven random things about myself:

  • I break my phone whenever I am angry. I have broken 25 phones so far and currently do not even dare investing in a phone now.
  • I love doing dishes while hate washing clothes, not even in washing machine. (Thanks to my maid who doesn't allow me to do any of these. :))
  • I can't resist online shopping.
  • My inner self wants to become a hippie - carefree, careless and minding own business.
  • I keep thinking of revamping things but hardly implement.
  • I love cutting my bangs myself.
  • I love Amitabh Bachchan. There is something extraordinary in him that doesn't go un-noticed.I used to call him my spiritual husband... ha ha ha.
Stupid facts about me but I constant relate myself with above written points. that is totally me!!

Now 15 blogs, I would like to give this award to...

Soul sistah!! we share almost same likings in makeup and love thrifting. Amazing giveaways are always up on her blog and reviews - you can't get tired of reading it.

Tongue in cheek narration of daily life, everything chic and loads of interesting posts...mwaah!!

Love the name of your blog, Kuheli.A wide range of reviews from makeup to skincare. This blog is gonna help you decide what you can invest into.

A changed blog layout, details in your posts and the name Poohkie - they all are close to me. You did not that yet... did you?  I am reading your post on Nude Lipsticks, making a note right now.

Her love for makeup and products picked with care will always interest you. She currently invested on Sleek Blushes and Lip Conditioner. I am already digging lip conditioner... such a rage!!

Oh, don't ask me how much this word "shopaholic" brings me close to you. :p
You posts on outfits and accessories keep me hooked. Please continue keeping me engaged!!

This is girl is gonna become a successful model very soon. She still is in my eyes. I know her since the day she started and become more than happy and mesmerized by the growing followers she has on her blog now. You'll be on my mind.  Not to mention her painting skills, photography skills and styling skills are God gifted!!

Tejal Pandkar, missing in action for quite some time but she is the girl with amazing ideas and amazing skills in webdesign. I love the images in your blog... can I steal some??

That's all from my side. Please accept your blog awards, take out some time and write about yourself and blogs you love. this is the time when you can say thanks and open your heart!!

Thank you for reading!!

About SSU by Jiya

"Jiya is a passionate shopper and reader. A lover and fighter, continuously improving and evolving to contribute in this world as a philanthropist and environmentalist. She loves to spend time on internet, reading multiple things simultaneously with a single vision- find something helpful for this society and readers of SSU."
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  1. wow !! thanks for the award jiya !! this is my 1st blog award !! and really boasts my moral to write more nd better !! : )
    And yes congrats to you too !! keep up the good work.. I love each and every post by u !!

  2. Hey Jiya .... Thanks a ton :* ... I couldn't stop myself from smiling while reading your post :D ... I must say the way you have described each and every blog/ blogger nominated for the award is amazing ... Thanks again .. Love

  3. awwww soul sistah ♥♥ love u sweets. i'm gonna post this next..nd show my love thr :)

  4. oh n congrats..really well deserved :)

  5. I received my Victoria's secret dress today !! thanks a lott !! would be doing a post on it soon !! <3

  6. Jiya, you're so sweet!!!*HUGS* thanks so much for the sweet words & for giving this to me!
    And 25 phones?!!WOW

  7. thank u darling!!!!! muaahhhh!!! :))

  8. 25 phones! baap re! i love to cut my bangs myself too and i am a crazy online shopper too. :P :P

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