Beauty Box:: My First Blisscovered Box Ever!!

So, I wrote a review on Blisscovered after purchasing the February box from them. Since then I have known  Blisscovered Team to be one of the highly professional websites around so far. 

-They kept in touch with me to answer my questions rose in my review for them.
- They kept me informed about my box and when it was going to reach me.They were spot on in terms of their information.

This is my first beauty box ever and first fox by Blissocvered people. Here are the pictures and products received :

  Blisscovered Box

 Blisscovered Box

A Little Note

Products Description

More Images

Emulsion? Hoping that it isn't too thick or heavy and does what it claims. You better work because I would not even dream of shelling out Rs 3400 on a product for ordinary  results.

Love the pop of pink!! Fragrance samples? Most welcome!! I can bet these samples are going to bring me huge credit card bills.

I have heard a lot about H20 products and I am all set to know why!!

 I am a lover of colors and teal is one of them. A teal eye liner by Chambor. More details later!!

 I am more than happy to receive this foot soak because of some valid reasons and  I am 97% sure that I am going to buy it. 3% is just for any changes my  mind makes later!!

So, my experience with first Blisscovered box was more than good. It was a lot better because I was too apprehensive of receiving wrong or useless (for me) samples. But I have realized that the samples received are not only for me but it is also for people around me who would never invest in any such boxes like V and my brother.

To know more, please read my Disclosure Policy.

Thank you for reading!!

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  1. Stumbled to your blog.. and i love your unique style of writing in 'beauty/fashion blogging'.
    its thrilling to know i'm not the only one who DIYs, recycles everything and is loathe to just throwing away stuff all the time.I have become follower of your blog simply because its worth it !

  2. So glad you love the box! Let us know what you think of the products!

  3. oh i got the same wmulsion..seems we are the only ones who got it. its quite runny and m liking it :)

  4. Looks like they are sending all the good stuff only to the bloggers who write reviews. Others are either getting so so products (check their facebook page) or not getting the box at all.


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