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When I think of boys, I think of males in their track suit, with their gym bags on their shoulder or their sport kits. But when i think of men, I think of males in suits, boots and attitude. A little different from  boys with their gym bags. But this is also a fact that the same men in suits become boys with their gym bags. Kind of lame but you understand what my point is. Whether you are with former or latter, the wears and attitude makes our men different from each other. I thought, thought and thought a lot - what i found was that there isn't too much to do with latter section of people. We do not have a lot of versatility among suit wearers. It's probably because they kind of incline towards brown, black or grey. I have hardly seen common Indian men doing whites, off-whites, blue or red for that matter.

So, I was mesmerized to see these men above in the dissected images. They are hot, well dressed  and charming. They are from Valentino A/W2012 show and I scored them from lindelepalais. The whole Valentino A/W 2012 collection is about classic gentlemen channeling the sophistication and attitude all the way. I hope our boys will take a point or two and include some of these or similar to these in their next buys. We will call this "Reviving-The-Men-Closet-For-Fall". I think I should make it my post heading for Autumn 2012 posts for Men Style. 

I know our men have all essentials in their wardrobe but it won't hurt if we make such well cut-out suits and boys wearing them our inspiration and pin them on the board. (On a different note - I am on Follow SSU on Pinterest . Not contributing a lot because I am still trying to get hang of it. But you can still join me. See you there.)

Anyone who can bring versatility in suits  is my favorite. Let's get the whole crisp and dapper gentlemen look by following these 5 tips specially when you are doing suits-


Accessorizing is not only for women but for men too. Whether it's a laptop sleeve, an office bag, pocket details, belts, bow tie or glasses. They all add an accent to a suit. What is more attractive is attitude you have worn it with. I don't know how many of you would agree but wearing a suit and walking being a lousy and with a laid back attitude is so annoying and off-putting that can not be explained. Choose your accessories carefully and invest in them as many times as you can. You never know the blue leather bag you bought, works with most of your suits, the brown framed glasses accentuate your looks and your outfit, that laptop sleeve makes you the trendiest men at work. So, the point is keep investing in accessories and mixing and matching them with most of your formals.  A pair of cufflinks, ties and watches are the most common way to achieve a "gentlemen" look. These choices too can be manipulated to get a top notch appearance with little details. But for that read on!


Someone has rightly said that "A man is known by the shoes he wears" .

It should actually be a part of "Accessories" above. But guess what, this is about shoes. Whether you would want to invest in multiple accessories I talked about above or not, you HAVE TO invest in shoes. Some well known brands for shoes are Carlton London (moderate price), Aldo (more expensive than Carlton London), high end brands like Tom Ford, Versace etc. But that doesn't mean you have only these to invest into. Just go out, look around and you will find many stores in the market, online shops like Jabong where you can find a wide variety of shoes and different price range. But how to know different types of shoes we have in fashion and how to gain that confident?? Internet, blogs are the best way to do that. Trust me!! We can talk about different shoe details but that would be in some other post. So stay tuned!!


I think I should not explain a lot about this section. Since we are approaching a little cold fall season that would further be followed by winter season, we should start planning investing into a couple of classic jackets, men cardigans, half jackets etc. the list is endless and variety is vast that it can exhaust you by mere the mention of each name. But you gotta do it boys!! we have got checks, woolen, prints, threaded knits and a lot of different type of jackets. This fall, I'd suggest go for jackets with color block details like the second image in above collage. I have heard that Connaught Place is one of the best places to buy affordable, sophisticated jackets in New Delhi. The best part - you can customize.


"Details" is going to circle out everything we just talked above. I meant we can achieve details in every piece but the key point is Do-It-Slowly. Just pick one or a couple of pieces with heavy details like scalloped edges of a tie, a hook shaped buckle in your belt or a polka dot shirt with plain grey suit, ties with crochet details and the list goes on. Adding details is an art and a lot are doing  better in this area - those are guys and not only girls. If I talk regular Indian men and not celebrities or models then I'd say they DO NOT pick anything with details or if they do - they do it wrong.  So how to do that right? Stay tuned!!

Last but not the least - Attitude

Someone has said "Attitude is what makes a man or breaks a man".

Let's make sure, we are here making men, our dapper (this word is so popular among men bloggers), dandy, hot (for us, girls) and gorgeous men. It is never late to start building our confidence and changing our attitude towards ourselves. This whole post is not only about those lean men with toned bodies. It's about every one from plump and heavy to lean and dandy. My husband V is a little plump guy with tummy but I love his confidence and when he wears things his attitude changes accordingly. He is the man who always wears T-shirts and jeans but I really knew that I love him when he wore formals - a crisp grey shirt with white lines and dark grey trousers with black formal shoes. I mean it really worked and I fell in love!! 

I really like men in formals, and I would love to see all of you who just read my post to be if not a lot then a little motivated and do something towards it.

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I have tried to explain what I have seen around myself and what I would like to convey most of you. This post's images were taken from many other websites which are mentioned below with due respect.
Would appreciate your thoughts? 

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