Cameleon Palette De Maquillage | Why Should You Invest Into A Local Makeup Palettes?

My sister is into makeup these days but she is learning and she is not a pro. Also she doesn't like to wear eye shadows all the time so I thought of buying her a local palette which is not too costly and has most of the shades like brown, black, white, copper, blue etc!! And I finally got one!!

But before we see pictures of the palette, let's see 5 reasons why we should invest in a local palette -

1. They are not expensive, you save money.
2. The ingredients of all eye shadows are same. They all contain mica, silica, titanium dioxide, tin dioxide etc. So there's no question of good or bad eyeshadow.
3. If you are a learner, beautician, makeup artist etc. you have an inexpensive palette to test and try.
4. You get to know the difference between local and high-end palettes. Actually it's very important to know the difference.
5. Sometimes you score an amazing palette that just lasts you for a long time.

Cameleon Eyeshadow and Blush Palette - Rs. 390

Cameleon Eyeshadows and Blsuh Palette - Rs. 395

Cameleon Eyeshadows and Blush Palette - Rs. 390

Ingredients of Eyeshadows and Blush

Ingredients of Eyeshadows and Blush

Cameleon Eyeshadows and Blush Palette - Rs. 395

Cameleon Eyeshadows and Blush Palette - Rs. 390

- Let me know if you have ever invested in a local/unknown makeup palette and that became your favorite?

Hope your weekend is super fun!!

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  1. I tried a palette from Meylon & it was good! Would love to see the swatches of the Cameleon palette Jiya :)

  2. Hi uzma, I will post the swatches very soon!! Thanks for your comment.

  3. hv nvr tried this brand before..but i think it looks decent..

  4. I have used lippys and glosses from this brand and I love them all, also I have used an eyeshadow palette from Just Gold brand and again it's one of my favorite till here

  5. Pardon me this is the link

  6. I dont remember the name of the brand but my friend got me a set from this local brand from Lifestyle Bahrain


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