Review | Babuhug Premium Baby Wipes Vs Mee Mee Baby Wet Wipes


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Babywipes are an inseparable part of Reet's poty time. Though I prefer using water and cotton for the sake of old days and trying to stay away from chemicals as much as it could be possible, I couldn't get away from using baby wipes.

I have used four baby-wipes brands but today, it is time for only two - Babyhug and MeeMee.

How do I test baby wipes for review?

I actually use them on my face to find out if they are soft and freshening or rough and irritating. Why my face? because skin of any other part of my body is too mature to what my baby's skin could feel. My face is also mature but it is still sensitive to harsh chemicals and if any thing is harsh or rough for my skin then it sure is for my baby's.

Babyhug Premium Wipes

Price: Rs. 90
Total No. of Wipes: 40
Alcohol Free: Yes
  • Gentle and effective moisturization (glycerine, Ph Balance and Alcohol Free)
  • Enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe vera. 
  • Moisturizing, 
  • Soft on skin
  •  I used on my face and it was definitely gentle and moisturizing. Caused no irritation on any kind of sensation.
  • Powdery scent with a hint of citrus. Love!
  • Though not meant for less diaper rash (it isn't mentioned anywhere on the packaging), it caused no rashes at all!! When I say rashes that means no redness where I used wipes. Very mild!
  • The sticker at the opening space for wipes chipped in few days and couldn't be used again. This could have caused drying wipes but it didn't. This is how great these wipes are!
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MeeMee Baby Wet Wipes

Price: Rs.Rs. 145 (bought for rs.99 on special offer.)
Total No. of Wipes: 80
Alcohol Free: Yes
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Hypeallergenic ingredients 
  • 100%  Bacteria Free and Alcohol Free. 
  • Aloe Vera, lactic acid, Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate)
  • I used the wipe on my face and it seemed to be drying, less softer than Babyhug wipes and caused a little sensation on my face but nothing that could hurt.
  • Scent is fresh but also synthetic.
  • Since it is drying and less soft, it felt like it caused some redness on baby. I never used it on baby since then!
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Do you have a kid? Which baby wipes you prefer using?

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